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Viscera Award goes to
Out Of Print

 November 12, 2007
San Francisco - CA. The 2007 Viscera Film Festival is pleased to announce that OUT OF PRINT, written and directed by Reyna Young is the recipient of this year's Viscera Series Award. The award, which carries a $200 cash award to the writer/director provided by The Chainsaw Mafia, is presented to this outstanding short film specifically designed for women only productions
Out of Print can currently be viewed online at Last Doorway Productions and will also be available through The Chainsaw Mafia website along with the other festival selections.
Viscera promotes women lead productions by giving awards, promotion, and distribution.
The mission of Viscera is to give promotion through participating sponsors, awards, and distribution for today's female filmmakers making a difference in the genre.

Film, photography, dance, and theater. These women are part of the independent horror world who are mastering the art of celluloid and extending past it to bring creativity and expression to the genre.

Please check out their work, honor them, and keep a watch on their progress. These are the women who are making a difference in the genre and enriching the experience of it by their presence

We are pleased to present to you the 2007 Viscera Series Official Selections!
Out of Print - Reyna Young
* Snake Pit- Brandy Rainey and Kris Phipps
* BRAINS - Shannon Lark and Amber Steele
* Wretched - Heidi Martinuzzi and Leslie Delano
* Movie Monster Insurance - Paula Heyflea
* The Cleaner - Michelle Fatale
* It's My Birthday - Shannon Lark
* I'm a Little Teapot - Sallie Smith

Thank you to everyone who submitted! The Visera Film Festival will allow you to view all of the selected films online, so stay tuned! A Viscera Series 2007 DVD will also be available to purchase online in the near future. Thank you for continuing to support women in horror!


The Series: Short horror films created by women in front of and behind the camera.

The Viscera Series was created by women to facilitate the advancement of females reaching for more powerful roles within the horror genre. Now, more than ever, women are running their own horror production companies and directing, producing, writing, branching out into cinematography and even creating special FX.

The Mafia believes that the term "scream queen" is now changing into a woman who can perform both on and off camera and stage, and has no fear in taking the horror industry on with her sick and talented mind


Viscera Awards

Current Viscera WomanReyna

Reyna Young:

Reyna Young, 25, was born and raised in Northern California. She is currently working in independent horror as a director, producer, writer, model, and actress in San
Francisco. Ever since she was a little girl she remembers seeing her first horror movie: John Carpenters
"Halloween." It was at that moment she fell in love with being scared.

She created her production company Last Doorway Productions in
hopes of bringing a little more horror to the world (never a bad thing). Since then she has written feature scripts, and created a series of short films, which she has produced, written, and directed.

Aside from her film projects, she has also created a show for independent horror in the Bay Area. The Last Doorway Show, which she hosts under the pseudonym Miss Misery, can be viewed online through her website.

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