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Reyna Young has been labeled by press as
“The Queen of Horror in the Bay Area”
She was born and raised in San Francisco! She is currently working in Independent Horror as a Director, Producer, Writer, Model, Actress, and Horror Host in San Francisco.

Ever since she was a little girl she remembers seeing her first horror movie: John Carpenters "Halloween." It was at that moment she fell in love with being scared. She then decided she wanted to give back to the Horror community and make her way into the Genre she bleeds for. Reyna began following around her film buddies and helping them out on set and acting in their films. She bought books and relied on the internet to teach her everything she needed to know. From there she created her production company Last Doorway Productions in hopes of bringing a little more horror to the world (never a bad thing). Since then she has written feature scripts, and created a series of short films, which she has Produced, Written, Directed and even starred in.

Aside from her film projects, she has also created a show for Independent Horror in the Bay Area. The Last Doorway Show. A show dedicated to Independent Horror which she hosts under the pseudonym Miss Misery. Helping out the Independent Horror Artist and helping filmmakers get their short films shown.
If you thought that wasn’t enough she also Directs her own Short Horror Film Festival in San Francisco called “A Nightmare To Remember” which has twenty minute and under Horror shorts, Prizes, raffle for the audience, guests and sneak peek trailers.

Reyna young is making her way into the Horror World with a bang. Expect to see more of this pretty/bloody face in the future.


Reyna Young
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