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Bo!: "So, what inspired you to create such wonderfully frightful jewelry, or should I say "ghoul"ry?":

Krystal: "Well, I was broke and couldn't buy x-mas presents so I just started making things, and then started making things I would want to wear, and then Voi la, zombiehead jewelry!!"

Bo!: "They are masterfully done. If I may ask, how long does each piece take to craft, on average?":

Krystal: "I have been asked that before but I’ve never timed myself. A few hours, I guess. Some take longer than others."
Bo!: "I'm trying to decide on a favorite. Right now I'm torn between "Toxic Skull Cthulhu" and the "Bacon Eating Cannibal Pigs." Do you have a personal favorite piece - either on sale, or in your own collection?"

Krystal: "Man... I've had a few favorites. When they sell I'm happy that they sold but as dorky as it may sound I get a little sad to see them go. I'd have to say my new line of the toxic zombieheads I've had 2 favorites. One sold to a friend of mine and the other went to Felix LaFlamme. An awesome artist."

Bo!: "I see you even have a link for custom item requests. I'd love to see "Bad Ash" from Army of Darkness, myself. What are some of the more interesting requests you've received?"

Krystal: "Haha, me too. The harlequin baby was an interesting one. It was so nasty that my old roommate couldn't even look at it. Also the left for dead requests where really cool! I've never played the game but now I really want to."

Bo!: "Thank you very much for your time. In closing, what should fellow zombie heads keep a 'blood-blister eye' out for in the future?"

Krystal: "Well, thanks for the opportunity. I would say look out for my new line of cannibal clowns, more jacket pins, hair accessories and zombiehead t-shirts. Thanks again."

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