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Wynchester Mystery House San Jose, CA

Winchester Mystery House
Fright Nights

Winchester Mystery House Fright Nights in October
Winchester Mystery House Fright Nights in Octobe

Last Doorway Productions had the pleasure of going to Fright Nights at The Winchester Mystery House! First off I would like to thank the employees and managers for having us and we were very well treated, everyone was so polite and helpful and the food was fantastic. Thank You!!

First we went through the house on a tour about the history of Sarah Winchester, why she built the house, who she was and what strange occurrences happen there. The tour guide who I cannot remember her name but she did say she was scared of the dark did a great job telling the stories and telling us about strange things that happen in each room. SCARY!!

Winchester Mystery House Fright Nights in Octobe
Winchester Mystery House Fright Nights in Octobe

As we were going through the house I couldn’t help but too look at everything, I was curious and wanted to see everything I could. Then we reached the bedroom of Sarah Winchester, everything was going fine until we all left the room, as everyone was walking I was the last at the end of the line, I heard a noise in the room, now it was pitch dark and I don’t know why I didn’t turn on my flashlight but when I turned around towards the noise I felt a cold breeze, ice cold and I heard a voice whispering but couldn’t make out what it was saying. I just kept on walking but for the rest of the tour I was getting either extremely cold or extremely hot, almost like I had a fever. I felt fine once I left the house.

Now for those who know me know that I have always had a sixth sense so I was a little hesitant going through with the tour but glad I did. I may have felt and heard things but nothing was threatening towards me so that is good. The tour guide did great, everyone had a good time and at the end we got to keep our flashlights which were a nice treat.

Winchester Mystery House Fright Nights in Octobe
Winchester Mystery House Fright Nights in Octobe

Next I couldn’t wait to go through the maze; everyone was a chicken so I went first and led the way for my production group. It was scary and amazing, the set up, the monsters, the creepiness to it, I was in heaven and it gave me an opportunity to scream at the top of my lungs at times. My crew was funny holding each other and saying “Oh Shoot” every five seconds.
The maze was a bit long which you would find to be a good thing because I did not want it to end and neither will you. As we walked out we ended up back at the gardens where the DJ was playing Michael Jackson’s Thriller, I really wanted to go out there and start dancing, and I should of!

We then went into the press room where we had an all you can eat good time and chatted with fellow press. We then thanked them for having us and received Winchester Mystery House goodie bags full of candy, what a yummy treat and we also got some pictures printed out of our good time we had there.

I must say The Winchester Mystery House Fright Nights is one thing to put on your list of things to do for the month of October, this is a must be at!!!

Again thank you to everyone at The Winchester Mystery House for giving us a great, fun and scary night!!

Reyna Young
John Gillette
Of Last Doorway Productions

Winchester Mystery House Fright Nights in Octobe
Winchester Mystery House Fright Nights in Octobe

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