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The Chainsaw Sally Show

The Chainsaw Sally Show


What can I say I love a woman covered in blood and Chainsaw Sally is one hell of a hot chick covered in blood. The Chainsaw Sally Show is an online show that JimmyO Burril shows us you can do it yourself! In a world filled with Crappy Television we the horror community can stand together, turn on the computer and watch The Chainsaw Sally Show. Starring April Monique Burril as Sally Diamon and Azman toy as Ruby, her younger brother.
Sally and her brother live in Porterville, Maryland where she does her slicing and dicing. She uses her chainsaw to teach people a lesson and trust me you want to get on her good side.
Sally works as a librarian and ends up taking an interest to another girl who works there, her name is Poe (Lilli Burril), now Poe is one of those girls who is different, she’s not normal at all she’s unique and gets teased by other classmates. Sally takes an interest in her and Poe’s problems also become Sally’s problems. I don’t want to give too much away though you must experience this roller coaster ride of death for yourself. You can watch the show online but I highly recommend that you buy it and make it apart of your collection.


Written and Directed by JimmyO Burril and Herschell Gordon Lewis is the Executive Producer, how cool is that, the Wizard of Gore Himself!!!

JinnyO Burril does it again for me; I am a huge fan of his and will always be. I cannot wait to see the next season and hopefully one day I can killed by Sally, now that would be cool….

The Chainsaw Sally Show
The Chainsaw Sally Show

Cast of Season One:

April Monique Burril - Sally Diamon
Azman Toy - Ruby Diamon
Stacie Ficerai Beard - The Lark Lady
Jordan Wyandt - Gretta Morehead
Brad Smoley - Officer Earl Nylund
Nicolette Le Faye - Miss Busy Bee
Aaron Martinek - Officer Zeke Patrillo
Samantha Wiitala – Tiff
David Beahm
Jackie Cast - Cling Wrap Jackie
Patrick Storck – Ben
Allison Skovira – Lindsey
Dee Riley - Ms. Crankstaff
Nicola Fiore - Jill Munroe
Alex Plainlater- Mr. Johnston
Lilli Burril-Poe

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