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Shannon Lark
First Fangoria Spooks Model

When I started my first Horror Film, I was doing it by
myself. It is called Uninvited.
I was basically alone with some help from people.
But not enough love and support that I thought I would get.
A lot of females are not into Horror and when I do mention Horror they cringe and look at me as if I should be burned alive.
The point is I thought I was alone, but one day while
looking through The Bay Guardian I came across an
article about a local gore girl named Shannon Lark.
I still have that article by the way. I thought to
myself "Wow, finally, I'm not alone" Soon after that I
got a hold of her and we have been friends ever since.
When we first started e-mailing each other and I told
her what I was all about she took me in and was the
most kindest Horror Female I have ever met.
We have so much in common it's a great feeling to know that another female was deep into the genre as much as me.

Ever since then I have had the pleasure of getting to
know Shannon and what she's all about and I am in
She strives to help females make their way into
the genre and she bleeds out her heart into what she
loves to do and I love her for that.
She has worked so hard and has been so true to what
she does, I feel that she deserves to be
The First Fangoria Spooks Model.
When I found out she had won I had tears of joy streaming down my face.
She has come a long way and I am so happy for her.
Thank you Shannon for all that you are, for being the
Gore Girl, for being the Mistress of Horror, for
supporting me through Last Doorway Productions and being there when I need you, for showing me from the start I was not alone in the genre that I bleed for.
Shannon lark I love you and support you through the
thick and thin.
Congratulations on your Win as
Fangoria Spooks Model.
From all of us at Last Doorway Productions we wish you
nothing but luck!!!

Written By: Miss Misery
Shannon Lark
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