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Ruckus Productions

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We are having a fund raiser to help fund all of our current endeavors. And best of all because we are a Fractured Atlas Fiscally Sponsored Project your donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE!

“Trilogy of Blood” our latest film was released in April and since then has been accepted to 2 film festivals (and hopefully many more we have entered about 15 so far). We need to raise money so that we can go to the festivals and support the film now.

This summer we are also producing 2 new films. One is a 30 min drama (our first) about drug addiction and the other is our first feature film. We need to raise money to cover expenses for these 2 films. We need several thousand dollars to cover rentals, props, wardrobe, etc.

“Landslides and Sandcastles”

In this no-budget indie drama Ruckus Productions takes an unforgiving look at heroin addiction, recovery, and relapse. Ex-junkie Daniel (Kevin Chandler) has sworn off drugs and is trying to rebuild his life. On the surface things look like they are going great, but when Daniel goes home for his mothers funeral he falls back to his old habits. Co-staring Erika Bankerd as girlfriend Brittany and Keith Filmore as friend Tad the film also features performances by Lance Bankerd, Richard Fiske, Ryan Thomas, and Reed Walton.

“South Mountain”

Ruckus Productions’ first feature film "South Mountain" is destined for instant cult status! Follow brothers Enoch (Kevin Chandler) and John (Heiko Spieker) as they hike into the forest of South Mountain, PA on a mission from God. When the duo loses their way, they soon find themselves plagued by dark forces and must survive not just in mind and body, but spirit as well in this no-budget indie thriller.

links to everything about the new films!


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