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1.Would you mind, in your words, giving a brief overview of your documentary titled, " I dream Of Being an Artist, and It Makes Me Sick...? Also, who was the film-maker who filmed your amazing adventure?

Well I would say it's a year of my life crammed into a 90 minute complete mess. Just kidding. It actually is a year in my life as a starving artist. A sort of behind the curtain look at what goes into creating your own comic book, traveling to shows and conventions, making music even, and what goes on in between. A huge part of the movie is centered around last years "Hot Zombie Chicks Love Brains" I did with Paul Allen and Anthony Leano, and how that tour ultimately resulted in my divorce, which is a huge part of the film. It was filmed by Sacramento based Indie filmmaker Kevin Koerber of HD Crew. He and myself shot and edited all the footage together. And all of the music in the film was original music done by myself produced by Sacramento Producer/DJ Lotis.
I Dream of Being an Artist and It Makes Me Sick
2. Any plans to indulge in film again?

YES! In fact Kevin and I came up with the idea to sort of "continue the dream of an artist" by doing monthly webisodes through Facebook and my website www.thereisnohalo.com. We take the format of the film and make short 5-10 min films about what went on for that month. I just posted the newest one in fact from my May/June tour across the country doing different conventions. 3. Mike, would you mind sharing a little about yourself and your involvement as an artist in the comic genre? I would like to think of myself as somewhat of a staple in the Northern California art scene, mostly Sacramento. I've been self-publishing my own books for about 10 years now. I started off doing Hip-Hop comic books of and went on to publish Captain A-hole and Hot Zombie Chicks, which are my most known works. I love traveling and doing comic and horror conventions and I think I feel more at home on the road than I do at my actual home...if that makes sense.
4. What are you working on right now?

Right now I am working on a spin-off of the last issue of Hot Zombie Chicks called "The Homicide Chicks". It's a collective project with myself and fellowSacramento artist Brandon Bracamonte. It's sort of a spoof on the Suicide Girls called the Homicide Girls who become bitten by Hot Zombie Chicks and then become The Homicide Chicks. Tattooed hot zombie chicks with an appetite for disorder more than for brains. Brandon and I are both writing and drawing it together. We even have a group of girls who are the actual Homicide Chicks,who come with us to shows and conventions and sell various zombie items and crafts.

5. What are your current goals as far as your next project?

We want to make The Homicide Chicks a continuous running book. Hopefullywe cancontinue to build up a fan base that will demand as much. So far theresponse has been great. But my ultimate goal (as fully expressed in the film)is to quit my day job and become a full time artist. And I'm gettingthere...Ithink.
6. Do you have a favorite Artist and why?

Yes, my favorite artist is Brandon Bracamonte. But I would never be able to tell him that in person, so I will tell him through this interview. I am also a huge fan of Bruce Timm. Anyone who is into comics could take one look at my art and see that. I am also a huge fan of Dan Brereton, who is also a friend and a mentor to me. His paintings and the way he sees color has changed the way I see art altogether. Plus his wife makes a killer organic spaghetti.

7. Would u name 3 to 5 HORROR films which have left a HORROR film print etched in your brain?

Horror is my fav, horror is my life. Love horror. Love it. First on my list would have to be the Night Of The Living Dead series. I say I spend about 72% of my day thinking about what my escape plan will be when the zombies come, and they WILL come... The Friday The 13th series is also very close to my heart. Jason has always felt somewhat of a father figure to me. Him and Bruce Willis. The Nightmare on Elm Street series was also a huge part of my childhood and has remained close to me. I first saw Part 3 when I was 7 years old while the babysitter played on the huge monster contraption we called a VCR back then. Of course I couldn't finish watching it. The puppet Freddy Too Much. And 28 Days Later...loved it. Although many people had a problem with fast zombies, I felt it brought a great new twist on things. Of course, in 28, they aren't zombies, they're "the infected"...but hey, they're brain dead trying to feast on the living...they're zombies alright.
8. What's coming up that you would like everyone to know about?

In September I will be at the Sacramento Sci-FI/Horror show. We should have The Homicide Chicks #1 premier there. In October at the Sacramento Horror Film Festival I will be hosting the 4th Hot Zombie Beauty Pageant. The prizes for first place are awesome, a $200 Gift Certificate at Fallen Angel Tattoo, plus a pic of the winner as a zombie in the next issue of Hot Zombie Chicks! Which is another thing coming up..HZC #5, with a collection of other artists doing their versions of hot zombie chicks.

9. Any Shout Outs?

Sure, Stern Rules, Baba Booey! Actually a big shout out to Mike at Black Onyx Studios for his work on www.thehomicidechicks.com and www.thereisnohalo.com. A shout out to Age Scott because he will get mad if I don't mention him. BrAins comic. Tim at Sac Horror Film Fest, and the girls at Trash Film Orgy. The Sac City Rollers (Roller Derby) and Brandon. And of course Last Doorway! Thank You! Halo Home, Underground Music, Comic Book Shows, Events, Conventions, Sacramento and Bay Area. www.thereisnohalo.com One stop for Comic books, Underground Music, Horror Movie Conventions, Art, Hot Zombie Chicks

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