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Mental Scars Movie Review 5/4/09


Mental Scars

screenplay by: Richard Myles
Directed by Mischa Perez

Review By
Miss Misery

This is a story about a group of young investors who are trying to turn a junkyard into a successful parking lot but what they don't know is that the junkyard is the home of evil. An evil that won't let this group of investors take over it's home.
Now although the story can be a bit confusing I did enjoy the killing scenes. Some great unique killing scenes were involved that irked me to watch more. The back story tells of how the killer became to be and how screwed up he was even as a kid. I must admit though it does get a little confusing for me to tell for a minute what's going on but just stick with it and it all piles together nicely. Richard Myles plays a great killer, he was so calm and cool, like he was a natural born killer and he didn't spend to much time taunting the victims either he got right to killing them. I like that!
The film had a unique, artistic view to it, something different to see then the same old stuff over and over again. I don't want to give to much away but you have to see it for yourself.
Mental Scars reminded me of the old 80's slasher flick. That's why I got into it so much, plus who can turn down watching a psycho butcher people.
The cast was well done and the lead actress played by Teresa Alexandria was phenomenal at playing a bitch! She gets two thumbs up!!
A mix of 80's style and some great killing gets you Mental Scars!
Finally some fresh and new exciting horror to watch!!

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Here are the rules:

Whomever can get the most people to sign up on the Mental Scars Forum
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will win a signed Mental Scars Poster Autographed by Executive Producer, Director and Actor Mischa Perez, Executive Producer, Writer, Composer and Star Richard Myles and Special FX Supervisor and Actor Michael "Dedman13" Jones!
So sign up, say hello in the thread and let us know who sent you! Whomever has the most people will win the Autographed poster! Yes, if you are signing up for the first time and were not sent by anyone else, you may count yourself as the sender! Good Luck, and the contest will end on May, 25th, 2010!

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