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Interview with Matt Vanaja By: Ray Hom…
Independent Horror Film Maker Matt Vanaja based out of San Jose shares with us what he’s been up to lately and how he got started making films……..
We here at Last Doorway Productions salute him…..

(1) First question is simple. Tell me about Matt Vanaja, and how'd he get his start in the horror industry.

MV: Well, I started getting into horror films after listening to an artist named “Wednesday 13”. A lot of his music is about horror movies and have an eerie background that I just fell in love with. Then, I started listening to more horror punk bands such as: Misfits, Calabrese, Creature Feature, and Polkadot Cadaver. Since I loved the music, I thought, why not check out the films that inspired them? So, I watched "House On Haunted Hill" with Vincent "THE GOD" Price and fell in love with all his films. I started expanding my love for horror movies and bought and watched every single one I could get my hands on. I shortly then decided, what the hell, I'll make one and see how it comes out. It was actually really good and I haven't stop making them since then.

(2) Any advice on how to get into the horror business?

MV: Just start making horror movies! Start from 5 minutes shorts to feature films! Enter them into film festivals and contests and see what happens! Networking is the best way to go though. One thing that I've come to realize about the movie business, is that, its not really what you know or where you go to school, it's who you know and who THEY know as well. For example. I met Reyna Young (A.K.A Miss Misery) through MySpace. She seemed really excited to meet me and share our love of horror films together. What I didn't know was that she had connections with “The Joe Flynn Show”. Shortly after meeting Reyna, I already set up a time and date to meet with Joe Flynn and his co-host Priscilla so they can interview me and put myself and my films on their TV show. In such a short time I feel like I've accomplished soooo much! And I can thank all it to networking, and Reyna Young of course!

(3) Have you ever lost sleep due to watching a horror flick?

MV: Horror films have never scared me. I am so fascinated and passionate about horror films, I don't see them as "horror" films. I see it as an art. A 90 minute long movie to learn from, appreciate and hope to one day contribute to.
A couple movies that have got to me a little bit are: “IT”, “Poltergeist II” and “Jeepers Creepers”. Those movies I feel have crossed the line a bit and that's what it's all about! Really digging into someone’s soul and finding the TRUE fear in them. Evil clowns that you find in the gutter, SATAN walking around in human form, or a monster hiding dead bodies in a church basement.
I feel you HAVE to cross the line if you really want to stand out and make an impression on the HORROR industry.

(4) If you were suddenly killed by an anti-horror cult mob, would you come back from the dead to mass slaughter this group of people?

MV: Of course I would! I would film myself doing it as well! You don't mess with the dead! If you don't believe me even ask the expert of the dead, GEORGE ROMERO!

Haha, this was fun! thanks!

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