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Good Evening!

As some of you know, I've been working with my Partner Szymon Karl Producing the First Annual Los Angeles Boys & Girls Club Film Festival.

Thank you to everyone who has assisted us with this project, including Kimberly Amato who designed the official website!

The site is live, active and full of Images and Videos of the kids during their Filmmaking Classes!  We'll be adding more Videos & Images each week so be sure to visit the link as often as possible:

When you get to the site, there's a Become A Sponsor Page.

We are looking to raise money not only for the Festival (RED CARPET GALA OCTOBER 16th, 2010), but for the Los Angeles Boys & Girls Club. Monies raised directly benefit the LA Boys & Girls Club to create an ongoing Arts and Entertainment Education Department.

You can use the Contact Information on the Contact Page for any denomination donations.

Anything and everything will be truly appreciated.

It's been an awe-inspiring Production to work with the kids. Please look over the site, see what the festival is all about and look at the Behind the Scenes & Film Production pages with all the updates. 

Feel free to pass the link on to whomever you'd like!

Thanks again for your support. 


Michelle Tomlinson 

*The Only Difference Between Impossible and Possible is the Will to Succeed.*-Anonymous

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