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Judy Cerda Interview By: Ray Hom
Independent Actress Judy Cerda is one unbelievable actress and so much more……

Judy Cerda is a versatile woman who can act, sing, model, and dance. Not a stranger to horror flicks, she has been in a few films that involve some nerve racking scares. We at Last Doorway Productions recently caught up with Judy in between her busy acting schedule to ask a few questions.

Q: First question is simple, tell me who is Judy Cerda, how'd she get started in to the film industry, and speak about the horror films you have appeared in. What is the most bloody violent role you've ever had?

A: Well, let's see.  I am basically an actress who truly loves her craft.  I already had a good sense that I wanted to be an actress when I was only 5 years old.  I would naturally imitate characters on commercials and on certain TV shows, which some of my favorites included the reruns of “The Brady Bunch” and “Lost in Space”.  This helped in encouraging me to sing and dance at a very young age, also.  Eventually, I started out professionally by doing a lot of theatre – both plays and musicals – which propelled my career forward.  But, eventually I burned out on theatre and decided to start auditioning for independent films.  Now some years later, I have appeared in various films (both shorts and features), commercials, videos and TV episodes. And, I’ve also sung and dance professionally for CDs, music videos, film, and TV shows.  It is an eventual long-term career goal for me to pursue acting. 

I played a typical, dingy, blonde hairdresser named Hazel in the horror/comedy film "Telezombie". The film’s plot is about my character having discovered her co-worker murdered, which involved playing dark emotions when portraying Hazel.  I also had a lead role in the movie "Sometimes Everybody Dies" playing an angry girlfriend who brutally stabs her own boyfriend over ridiculous suspicions.  Although, I never portrayed any bloody, gory roles. Most of my acting were innocent victims or villainous types of women, as I can convey fear and anger really well.

Q: What was the most horrifying flick you've ever seen?

A: The horror film series "Saw" definitely was the most horrifying experience for me.  I watched the first three, and those films grossed me to the point of feeling sick.

Q: If you died and reincarnated, and only had a choice to live again as either a serial killer or a possessed demon, which one would you be?  And who would be your first victim(s)?

A: Wow!  That's hard to say.  I guess I would pick reincarnating as a possessed demon because I wouldn't want to kill anyone as a serial killer.  My first victim would be someone I know who is a skanky woman who is extremely pushy and hypocritical… ugly on the inside as well as the outside… and who gets drunk a lot and does hurtful things to people behind their backs.  But I'd rather come back as an actress again with even better abilities to continue acting. 

Q: What is your long-term plan as an actress and what advice would you give to those who seek the same path as you?

 A: My long term plan is to land a role on a TV show. Either drama or comedy would be fine.  My dream would be to play a continuous role on a show for years and years and grow with the character.  A show like “CSI Miami” or “Two and a Half Men” would be good types of shows for me.  I'd also be happy landing a role on a soap opera.  I enjoy stability and a regular role would be something I could stick with.  I also plan to do more movies and I have a TV show called “Childhood USA” coming up (unsure of the exact date yet) wherein I am playing the role of the school teacher Mrs. Marshall.  We did a pilot episode of the show which took several days of intense filming. I have been informed that a couple of networks are interested in making it a regular show and negotiations are still underway. 

I recommend actors start out doing theatre to learn their craft well. After getting some plays on their resume, begin auditioning for local TV shows and independent films.  And make sure, that it's important to get good headshots to go along with the resume.

You can contact Judy Cerda, as well as find more info about her work @
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