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I personally love Hannah, she is a strong, smart and talented female and what she has written is a must read for all females especially in the horror genre.

Here’s a snippet to start you off and then click the link to read the rest….. Love You Hannah N.

You may have seen my manic clogging up of your Facebook/Twitter/Myspace pages with a proposal for “FEBRUARY AS WOMEN IN HORROR RECOGNITION MONTH: February has 28 days so it seems appropriate PASS IT ON.” I posted it originally as just that- a proposal. That is no longer the case. Instead I am fucking claiming it. As a woman I have spent most of my life afraid to claim space for myself in the world. Building this website is about confronting that and from my impression I am so far from alone in this. It is not un-common for a lot of woman living in our openly patriarchal society to feel the burdens of their gender on a daily basis. Examples: Walking outside alone at night with the constant fear of attack, still being paid less for equal work, reproductive rights constantly threatened, body image self esteem massacres in women’s magazines/popular media, etc etc. So who’s to say I need some outside source to grant me their godly permission to claim February as WOMEN IN HORROR RECOGNITION MONTH? Easy: I don’t. Just like I didn’t need someone’s permission to start Ax Wound ‘Zine I don’t need anyone to grant the creation of this much needed month. So, in the spirit of punk rock DIY (Do-It-Yourself) and a little sprinkle of blood saturated glitter I officially claim February 2010 the first annual WOMEN IN HORROR RECOGNITION MONTH. If I have to celebrate by myself so be it but I really hope to have the support of horror fans of all genders! Now let’s get into the nitty-fucking-gritty about why this is necessary and how you can bring this alive from the dark cold underground where it lays dormant and waiting for us to animate.

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