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Ghoul Girls By: Ray Hom

Ghoul Girls

“Horror with a Tantalizing  Twist” is the theme of Ghoul Girls.
Characterizing themselves as “models meeting monsters”,
Ghoul Girls is an online community that offers its members access to the best in horror pin-up photography.
Mixing the horror genre and the style of the classic pin-up, Ghoul Girls expresses an alternative to the definition of beauty that is woman.
As they proclaim on their site
 – “We take beautiful woman and make them into beautiful monsters.”
Ghoul Girls
Ghoul Girls Currently featuring about 13 (Is that  number a coincidence?)
Ghoul Girls, the site showcases scary sexy images of femme
fatales to delight  anyone’s taste in beauty of the darkest kind.
Visitors can purchase the prints and calendars of their favorite ghoul girl(s) to adorn the walls of the creepiest haunted houses, the darkest cellars, and the deepest torture chambers.
The site is chock filled with reviews, articles, and interviews of your
favorite girls in the most macabre forms of imagery. And, if you’re
terrifying enough to believe you got the ghoulish goods, you can apply to be a model to be the next Ghoul Girl, too! 
When you register as a member on (it’s free!),
you get access to all the photo sets and video vaults of the creepiest
(in the most beautiful way) girls to haunt your darkest dreams. Members can participate in the forums and debate which ghoul girl
are their favorites, as well as viewing exclusive video sets, watch
behind-the-scenes videos and event photos.
They can also participate by posting photo comments and ratings,
conversing in the forums, and posting on their own individual blogs. There’s even a section to play online classic games like
“Invaders” and “Super Mario 2”, which is great to relieve the frightened
stress you receive when combing through the endless content on the site.

Ghoul Girls
Come visit the Ghoul Girls, if you dare!
Ghoul Girls
Ghoul Girls
Ghoul Girls
For more info about the Ghoul Girls, check out:

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