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Dead Ahead Review
by Reyna Young

It’s been awhile since I’ve read a good Zombie Comic book. Dead Ahead was one of those stories I just couldn’t put down! Also the graphics are unbelievable, they are so colorful and they really come alive with the story. The story of survivors traveling around by vessel trying to survive this massive freak out of everyone turning into Zombies!!! Also what do they do by the second comic book, they aboard a ship full of thousands of Zombies, how crazy is that. It’s hard enough being stuck on a boat with a group pf people, talk about drama but then to put their lives in the hands of these flesh eating freaks. I cannot wait for the third issue. Also you will fall in love with these characters and hope your favorite one survives!!

It kind of makes you wonder what would you do if everyone in the world was sick and they turned into Zombies? Shit!!!

It’s a well written story about a group of people trying to survive! I don’t want to give too much of the story away, you just have to read it. Dead Ahead is a must have in your collection…..

By Clark Castillo, Mel Smith, Alex Nino, Moose Baumann

Dead Ahead
Dead Ahead
Dead Ahead

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