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Corpse Wax Dollies
1. First, tell us how did Corpsewax Dollies came about?

Corpsewax Dollies emerged when I finally became bold enough to teach my more daring choreography and performance art ideas to my dance students.
I am a belly dancer, but also an artist, writer, and lover of music (especially metal and industrial). Before I began studying Oriental belly dance, I explored themes of the visceral, macabre, and hallucinations in my art.
Only after I felt knowledgeable enough about the traditional styles of belly dance did I begin to explore and fuse my own personal imagery and include more variety in my musical selections.
The Corpsewax Dollies began in my gothic fusion belly dance classes, developing over the span of several years to become a professional performance troupe. The members have changed, and the Dollies performances have become more complex and multi-dimensional. Individual Dollies have contributed a lot to the thematic elements, creative ideas, and direction of the performances as well. As director, I not only choreograph most of our shows, but also make sure that everything connects meaningfully, flowing along like a play or movie instead of just one dance after another. I'm also quite interested in sudden turns, dichotomies, and playing with humor, horror,
and sensuality.
We are deadly serious one minute and sliding around in whipped cream the next... and we like to blood wrestle for fun and exercise.
Corpse Wax Dollies
Corpse Wax Dollies  2. How did the group come up with the name Corpsewax?

Adipocere or corpse wax may have been used for dark
purposes in black magic...
You can make candles out of it. It’s also associated with dead babies because they are more likely to form the substance.
It preserves bodies... and forms from the decay of fat in cold, humid environments. Dolls could be made of corpse wax.
I gave us the name myself, and did not ask anyone else's opinion. That is the advantage of being the Evil Director.
We like being called Dollies, because it sounds feminine and sexy.
Corpsewax adds the element of the macabre. We are extreme,
 not just fashion goths or some insipid thing like that. Therefore, our name must represent our willingness to push boundaries, sometimes astonishing and showing our demons and sometimes just providing delightful entertainment for our audience. 
3. Any advice for those inspired to get into the performance arts? Is Corpsewax Dollies open to new members?
Corpsewax Dollies does audition new members on a regular basis. We do enjoy corrupting the new girls... or letting them add to our
 corruption in most cases.
If you are interested in performance art in general, we have a fascinating history to study... This was partly the route I took, getting my graduate degree in art history and focusing on
 performance art, festivals, and rituals of cultures around  the world. I've also created and participated in many types of performances, from poetry readings and plays to more abstract and surrealist styles of performance. I've always danced. If you want to get into performance art... You have to remember your
childhood... when we were all artists and performers.
You have to train and work hard to gain skills. If you want to be a Corpsewax Dolly, you also have to be able to handle strenuous dancing and performance into the early hours, minor injuries caused by whips and blood wrestling, and a good dose of excitement.
Most importantly, you have to have demons if you are to be a Corpsewax Dolly, or you just won't make it.
Corpse Wax Dollies
Corpse Wax Dollies 4. What horror flicks influenced the Corpsewax Dollies?

We have slumber parties in the funeral home where my studio and apartment is located and watch horror movies together.
Some of our recent choices include Black Sheep (Jonathan King); Mermaid in a Manhole; 30 Days of Night; Screwed (Teruo Ishii);
 Slither... We have been influenced by zombie movies (especially Romero's zombies) and Argento's movies (all!). We also enjoy originals such as Nightmare on Elm Street; Texas Chainsaw Massacre; and Night of the Living Dead. I like to dance with the
 nightmare glove custom-made for me by the amazing artist and film-maker Anders Eriksen. Lloyd Kaufman is special to me; I love Troma Entertainment films (classic Toxic Avenger to the more
 recent Poultrygeist) and I got to crawl up Mr. Kaufman's leg at a
 convention this year. Some of the other dollies and I do some dancing and acting in films and videos locally, including productions by Fults-Melton Studios and Minty Pineapple Entertainments' upcoming series Monsters Anonymous.
We are also stimulated by music videos, literature, and our own
 nightmares and fantasies.
Corpse Wax Dollies Corpse Wax Dollies
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