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Truth Movement
Corey Feldman’s Band!
Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

On my way to Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk I couldn’t stop thinking about what Corey’s band sounded like. I have never heard them before!
When my friends and I got there I could hear him singing from afar. I began to get excited.
I mean I grew up watching the two Corey’s so of course I would be all excited to see him, especially because I never met him before. I did get to meet Corey Haim last year though. He was kind and cool and very down to earth. He signed my copy of The Last Boys and it was something I will always treasure.

Corey Feldman’s Band Truth Movement was really entertaining. They had some great songs to rock out to and I enjoyed watching him and the band really get into they’re music. I can tell Corey has put a lot of his heart into his music and I love that. Being a musician myself, music is a huge part of who I am and I can tell that for Corey it is the same. I enjoyed all they’re songs and really liked “Crossed the line” and they ended the night with “People are strange” By The Doors and G Tom Mac’s “Cry Little Sister”
I have now seen both of the Corey’s sing “people are strange” and “Cry Little Sister” Performed by G tom Mac and Truth Movement. I don’t know about you but I think that’s pretty cool.
Watching The Lost boys on the Beach was so cool but I did go stand in line with a copy of my Lost Boys film to have it signed. Yes it was the same one Corey Haim signed.

Corey went on a twenty minute break and when he came back I was right at the gate and he came up to me said hi and shook my hand. I should have asked him right then and there to sign my DVD, why didn’t I???
I waited in line for four hours and they cut us off at 11:00. I was upset because I really wanted that DVD signed, I kept thinking in my mind why the hell is this line moving so slow? Security there obviously didn’t know what they were doing. There were three different lines to get in there and each line took a turn of five people at a time. It was lame! By the end there were still toms of fans standing there. My friend Val Castro and I walked out of line and walked right passed security and up to Corey Feldman. I asked him to please sign my DVD, I told him that Corey Haim signed it last year and I would love for him to sign it also.

Well, He didn’t sign it…
Because I cut out of line and came in the wrong way. He refused to sign it and I had to leave. Security forced me out. I must admit I was pretty bummed out about it for the next two days. But at least I have had the opportunity to meet both of the Corey’s, how many people can say that!!
Corey Feldman if you are reading this I had a great night; loved the band and Thank You for being there for your fans!!

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