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1. How did Comic Book Divas start?

Well, that is a long story but it started with a comic called “Scorpion Warrior” I thought what if the comic featured real women in the roles of the characters ? I spoke with Jason Dube who had worked with me on a another project about the idea and he thought it was a bit crazy but he said to try it and see what the type of response would be received; I put out the feelers and within hours the e-mails arrived. The e-mails were from women from all over the country from a variety of jobs; Models, Actresses, Housewives, Mothers, Professional Cheerleaders, and even a couple of Former Playboy Models; at the end of almost two weeks there were maybe 85 e-mails in total from our request. Jason and I sat down and discussed the person to portray the main character “Scorpion Warrior” and we both decided to feature a local DFW model and TV show host Hilary Kennedy; she agreed to the role; after that I got a bit out of control (Jason Thought I had gone crazy) as I decided to cast the other characters for the comic “Priestess Shade portrayed by local model Kara Cagle, “The Scorpion Empress” Portrayed By New York Model and Big Apple Dancer Jessica Castro, and NFL Cheerleader Heather G. Since the response was so great I decided to use the idea in all the Comic Book Divas titles, it has had great response and the women that I have worked with in not only my projects but in their own projects have all been fantastic to know and work with.

Comic Book Divas
Comic Book Divas 2. What is it about comics that turn you on? As a collector and fan, comics are not only an escape from the real world but also a way to broaden my mind, while many think comics “Rot your brain” they are actually a great source to learn about countries, science, and especially today they keep up with world events, with some titles reflecting the times in which we are living. As I was a comic book dealer for over 20 years, I enjoyed seeing and meeting comic book fans and discussing storylines; seeing their enthusiasm as we talked was very satisfying, recently before I left the business, it was so inspiring to start seeing families coming to comic book shows that to me was something that really told me that comics had broken through to mainstream. Now as a small press publisher, I am not only the owner of Comic Book Divas but also I not only get to write my own stories but also get to write or co-write other peoples comics, they joy I get from actually write the scripts and then see them come to life from the brilliant artists from Scattered Comics Studios just makes me feel like a kid. Recently I went to the Texas Comic Con to debut “Kaci Hansen Presents” in some cases the comic was their first ever comic they had ever purchased and on two occasions people saw the comic on the convention website and came down just for the comic; that feeling was just so powerful for me.
3. Name some titles for us under the Comic Book Diva line? Wow there are so many comics and web comics that myself and the artists of Scattered Comics Studios are working on at the moment! “Kaci Hansen Presents” was just debuted at the Texas Comic Con and is now available to buy at; the story is about a real island in Mexico called “The Island Of The Dolls” in which a ghost of a little girl that is said to have died on the island now roams the property. The island is covered with dolls that visitors have left for the ghost girl, at night it is said that dolls come to life. My story brings in four collage girls that visit the island to do a paranormal investigation, and end up being attacked by the dolls and one woman is possessed by the ghost girl; the story is hosted by actress Kaci Hansen who steps in to give some levity to the comic. The next project is “FANGS” which is a very unusual vampire comic; It’s about a four women vampire hunters who are in pursuit of a coven of female vampires. The coven has kidnapped the hunter’s male friends and family members for reasons that are unclear to the very end, but there are some wicked twists to this comic. “FANGS” features some of today’s featured horror and scream queens actresses; Devanny Pinn portrays the head vampire “Lily Le Sang (Lily The Blood), Deneen Melody portrays “Raven” Lily’s Second-In-Command and Michelle Shields portrays “Sapphire” a blood thirsty assassin who does not really care about the cause. I have created a storybook universe; in which the concept is each storybook has its own world within a universe, each world is different and unique, these will not become comics right away but will first come on as web comics, each month readers will get a new page. The first web comic has begun it’s entitled “WANTED: Red Riding”; The StoryBook 222 is ruled by an evil “Queen Snow Whyte” many fairy tale characters have attempted to escape her tyranny but have been captured or killed. Red Riding portrayed by Jaimie Hilfiger manages to escape the storybook and enters our world where she becomes a super model by day and an crime fighter by night, eventually “Queen Snow Whyte” becomes outraged and send her top bounty hunter the “Big Bad Wolf” to bring in Red Riding dead or alive. The web comic is drawn by veteran artist Jason Dube, who is also the owner of Scattered Comics Studios The second storybook web comic is currently still in production but is receiving a lot of buzz is “Goldilocks In Zombie Land” the story takes place in Storybook 2010 as it has been overrun by a zombie plague, there is only one person that can stop this plague with skill and fashion and that is Goldilocks! Goldilocks is portrayed by actress, model, and scream queen Scarlet Salem, Scarlet will not be your average run of the mill Goldilocks, she is armed all the way up to her blue ribbon on her head; she is packing a wide array of weapons that includes two shotgun pistols, a wrist activated crossbow and a retraceable baseball bat. Scarlet will be joined by many women in the horror industry; “Queen Rapunzel” is portrayed by Dai Green who is the owner of; “Mary Lamb” portrayed by actress Michelle Fatale, “Jacqueline” portrayed by actress, model, and scream queen Tara Cardinal, Bo Peep portrayed by model and actress Bianca Barnett, “Miss Muffett” portrayed by model and actress Cari Thomas, actress Asa Hope as the fairy “Dingy” The web comic will have a host of cameo appearances throughout the web comic including Kayla Perkins, Deneen Melody, Reyna Young, Brooke Lewis, Richard Diaz, Richard Anderson, Brian Shirley, Ken Hulsey and many more. I am also working with Dennis Willman on his creation; Ginger Stein: Rise Of The Undead” the story follows Ginger Stein a washed up B movie actress who is on the set of her latest movie when some mysterious stones arrive on the set; the stones break and a foul mist spreads over the set and infects the crew except for Ginger who becomes the ultimate undead hunter. The comic features Shannon Lark as Ginger Stein, and it will feature several actors and actresses from around the horror industry. We are also working with Reyna Young on two of her projects, Miss Misery’s “A Haunting Desire” the story features Reyna Young’s alter identity and tells the story about a love lorn Miss Misery as she pursues her crush for her favorite band member of her favorite band. Miss Misery will do anything, and we do mean anything to make her feelings known to him even if it kills him. Comic Book Divas
Comic Book Divas 4. Who do you have working under comic book divas, like artists? Comic Book Divas does list artists on our website however we use the artists from Scattered Comics Studios exclusively for our projects; Jason Dube the owner of Scattered Comics Studios has some of the best young artists in the industry. Jason’s studio of artists have a broad range of art styles that can bring any project to life, if this group of artists can’t draw it, it can’t be drawn. 5. What titles are coming out soon? Well besides the titles I mentioned earlier Dennis Willman and I are working on the web series “A Life Behind The Mask” this web series gives a comedic look at what super heroes and villains do in everyday situations in and out their alter egos. The series again will feature actresses, and models from around the entertainment industry; including: Tara Cardinal, Devanny Pinn, Rachel Grubb, Michelle Shields, Deneen Melody, Victoria Paege, Victoria Floro, Kaci Hansen, Kitsie Duncan, Sara Barnett, Claire Ryan, Kaily Alessano.
6. Where do you see Comic Book Divas going in the future? I wish I could predict that but my crystal ball is in the shop right now; but seriously I hope it’s in the right direction right now, I have some great artists and some wonderful women who are part of Comic Book Divas. I really just want to keep producing really fun and entertaining comic books, something that comic book fans or readers to be able to sit down and smile about that’s what is a comic book is supposed to be; something that can provide escape for a few minutes of your time away from reality. But that being said, I have worked with a few people on adapting their movie scripts into a comic book format and really enjoyed it, a comic book is a great addition to a movie and a great promotional and great to use when pitching a movie. There are many actresses that I would like to work with on a comic book project, I have spoken to many of the women I am working with and some of them have some really mind blowing concepts for comic books, also I think their fans would love to see them in the pages in their own story. 7. Tell us a little bit about Tales from the scream queens? “Tales From The Scream Queens” is a writing contest that is open to all women in the horror industry; we are looking for short stories (About 8 Pages Long) from the minds of these brilliant women, the stories can range from suspenseful, action, comedy, but they must all be horror based. This is a chance for the women in horror to express their ideas and creativity in a medium that they may not have thought about in the past, this is a new way for them to reach out to their fans and possibly give birth to some more comic book writers. When the stories are submitted they will be posted on the website where visitors and fans can go to vote on their favorite story; after the top six are selected our very special panel of judges from around the horror and comic book industry will vote on the top three winners. The top three winners will have their story published and their likeness will be used in the comic book to host their story; the winners will also receive a special variant cover featuring themselves; this cover will be limited to only the winners of one copy each. In addition we have special plans for sponsors, for instance we have made four available slots for sponsors to receive their own variant cover this cover, this cover will only be available through their business or store, in addition only their store ad will appear in the comic. Comic Book Divas
Comic Book Divas 8. What website(s) can we go to check out more about Comic Book Divas? People can follow us on our website or on Facebook, Myspace, and on Twitter for all the news and where Comic Book Divas or where a Comic Book Diva model may show up. I also want to thank Jason Dube and the artists of Scattered Comics Studios for all the hard work that they have done for Comic Book Divas projects, these are some of the finest artists out there and each and every one of them do their best to make our stories come to life. A very special thank you to all the women involved in Comic Book Divas, they have been nothing but fantastic, they have not only agreed to be part of projects but have also promoted Comic Book Divas everywhere they travel; this means a great deal to me so it’s important for to tell the, “Thank You” every chance I get.

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