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1 - In a few sentences,
who is Amy Williamson, and how did you get started in producing and acting? 

Amy Williamson is a Crazy Cat Lady who is a Scorpio through and through.  Just by that description alone, how could I not also be an actress?  I mean I have all the ingredients… right?  But seriously, acting has been something I’ve done most of my life.  Producing is something new.  I was recently offered the opportunity to be a co-producer on a project by the sheer fact that I’d been acting longer then the producers been producing, and plus I am a pushy Scorpio.  So in essence, I was at the right place at the right time (for once), and this project has catapulted me further then I’d expected. Although, a psychic did predict this event (queue ominous and scary music please). Currently I’m working on a feature film based on the 2012 end of the world predictions.  And have also begun a new production company with my business associate Beverly the Gothic Gourmet entitled “G’Night Gnome Productions”.  We are currently working on 3 television projects: Parawomen Scream Radio, various haunted events, and whatever suits our gnomie fancy.

Amy Willamson
Amy Willamson

2 - What is the "Victorian Haunting Experience"?

Parawomen Scream Radio/G’Night Gnome Productions is pleased to present the Second Annual “A Victorian Haunting Experience” on October 30 and 31, 2010! The Victorian age was the era of spiritual awakening where people spent hours debating with others, along with themselves, on alternative beliefs. One alternative belief became popular in 1848 when the Fox Sisters began communicating with spirits, now called Spirit Circles or séances. It was also the time that tea was served and in those tea cups held the answers of the future…

Come, if you dare, to A Victorian Haunting Experience where by day Dearborn's McFadden Ross House Museum sits in all her glory with charm and elegance, but at night the moon casts shadows over the gracious mansion and it transforms into something more frightening!

Join The League of Extraordinary Paranormal Women/Parawomen Scream Radio as they turn the clock back over 200 years so that you can experience a Halloween Party with A Victorian Haunting Experience which will include Ghost Stories, Tea Leaf Readings, Paranormal Investigation, Séance, A Period Costume Contest, Raffles (donated by our sponsors which include Psychic readings, Past life regression, Halloween Art, Books, Jewelry and More)!!  To purchase tickets or learn more about becoming a sponsor visit

3 - What is the scariest moment that you've experienced that you would share with the horror community?

My scariest moment was actually my UFO moment.  In addition to being a horror actress I am also a paranormal investigator.  We had been invited on a paranormal investigation, which also included UFO activity (I had no awareness of this, I don’t usually “do” UFO stuff because the little green men scare me more than ghosts do…  The whole rendering me helpless and anal probe business disturbs me, I think). 

Anywho, we did the investigation and about a week later I woke up to something standing at the edge of my bed by my closet door.  I had no reference to describe what I saw, so I described it as a cross between an El Chupacabra and the Alien from the movie Alien. My ufologist friend asked me if it was reptilian in nature.  I said “um yes”.  He said “OH NO, those are the worst”! I said “OH NO?!”  He asked exactly what had happened and as I explained, he asked if it was by a door. I said yes, by my bedroom closet.  He said that they use those as portals.  I thought “Crap, my closet is a portal for Reptilians!!!”  I explained that I rubbed my eyes just to make sure it wasn’t the ole “mind matrix-ing” thing (where your mind has to make sense of objects).  But the creature wasn’t going anywhere, in fact it seemed as startled as I was.  Finally I closed my eyes long enough to make it go away.  I rolled over and turned on the radio and this strange dialect, which I’d never heard before was coming from the radio.  And it was looping.  I turned the radio off and thought, let’s try the television.  And nothing else happened that night.  We surmised that I brought this creature home with me from the investigation.  I think it was just checking me out seeing what I was up to.  When they figured out I wanted nothing more to do with the investigation (the guy was an alcoholic and I felt he brought on his own demons), they left me alone.   Although I will say a woman from MUFON that we had on Parawomen SCREAM Radio suggested I have a regression done to see if I was missing time.  I said “You don’t understand, I have no desire to know if I am missing ANY time!”  As I mentioned before, UFO business isn’t my thing.

Amy Willamson
Amy Willamson

4 - Scenario: If you were locked in a haunted house for days, what would you do to escape? 

Escape?  Now why would I want to do that?

Amy Willamson interview by Ray Hom

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