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Amber’s sweets
Repo the Genetic Opera Shadow Cast! Sacramento, CA

Amber Sweets Shadow Casters Sacramento, CA

I had the pleasure of hosting the shadow cast Amber’s Sweets on December 12, 2010. I had a blast. This would be the second time seeing a Repo Shadow cast and I must say I was very impressed. Not only was it an honor to be picked to host the event but I was so proud of them all I was practically in tears when they all went up on stage to take a bow at the end of the film. They had it together, there cues were great, and everyone involved helped make it a smooth process. The night left me with a smile on my face knowing that a group of people can come together and make something like this awesome movie come alive through theater. When the scene with blind Mag singing in the air came on I couldn’t believe that the actress was lifted into the air and although she looked nervous from hanging there she played the part beautifully. A must see for every Repo Freak out there. I would know I am obsessed with this film… Great Job everyone involved and a must see! Cannot wait to go back and see it again in February……….

And Thank You again for having me as your host!!

“If you haven’t seen Amber’s sweets performance of Repo the genetic opera, you are missing out on a fantastic time!”

Miss Misery

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