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Interview with Alexia Anastacio: Ray Hom
1. Simply, who is Alexia Anastasio, 
how did she get started in films,
and what are her latest projects?
I am a red-headed artist, actress and filmmaker.
I got started in films when I took acting classes
at the age of 12 and got hooked.
That led to theatre and eventually to video and film.
Now I am re-learning to tap for the leading role in a
feature film,BLACK SHIRLEY which is a modern sequel with
As well as directing a documentary on Oscar nominated
animator, Bill Plympton entitled, Adventures in Plymptoons!
2. Where do you get inspiration for your artwork?
Life, Love, Drama and Boredom.
3. What is the scariest flick you've watched 
that kept you awake for days?
THE ORPHANGE, I actually jumped up and 
screamed three times in the theatre at
the Picturehouse Premiere in NY.
Guillermo del Toro was sitting a couple
rows in front of me and I told him afterwards
and he said he heard and Thank you.
4. If you had a vision that 
the last days are arriving,
what type of supernatural
being would you be,
and what powers would you have
to prevent the tragedy from happening?
I always saw myself as a mermaid since 
I was little, because I love swimming
in the ocean.
I would use my Ariel skills by charming
the underworld to help reverse the
Global Warming effects on the earth.
You can find more info about Alexia and her work at

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