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Bleeding Beauty of the month is dedicated to the Women In Horror! Each Month a new Woman will be selected to show off her sexiness, power, talent and HORROR!

1. Tell us a little bit about

is the website that I work with that has really helped me get into touch with what horror fans are looking for and what really interests them the most!
We have an outrageous amount of content and try to make sure that no matter how big of a fan you are, there is something that you will love to look at on our site.
We have everything from current horror news, art, reviews of major and Indie films, original columns, poster art, scripts, videos, two different podcasts, and much more. That's also where you can catch my original column and vlog on What's The Bloody Deal with Dai!

Dai Green Bleeding Beauty of the Months Sept 2009

Dai Green Bleeding Beauty of the Months Sept 2009

2. What are your goals right now as far as what you are doing in the Horror Genre?

I really want to give the audience something to enjoy that's entertaining and bring some of the films and many other horror fueled endeavors to the light whereas they normally don't get to be introduced to such in other venues.
I love the fact that people can read my works or listen to my shows and feel like they've been introduced to new worlds yet got a few laughs in the meantime.
My ultimate goal is to actually write a book on some of our times most notorious murderers, but I can't give too much away on that one.

3. Do you have a favorite Horror Film and why?

Oh wow! My love for horror films is so insane that I have a hard time picking a favorite. That may sound generic but trust me, from one day to the next I change my top horror film. But I can mention a few in a few different categories:
Favorite Slasher- Texas Chainsaw Massacre due to the fact that no matter how many times you see it or how long it was since the last time, the film was so intense that you can recall blood and guts and be unnerved each time by it all yet there is really none of that in there. It was just a brilliant film with a fantastic cast, that has some of the best cinematography of its time and even now.
Favorite Female Horror Film- Carrie for sentimental reasons, in which people can find out about in the Welcome To My Darkside documentary! ;)
Favorite Real Psycho movie- Ed Gein would have to take the psycho award on this one. Look what he inspired and the film was amazingly done.
Favorite Cult Classic- Rocky Horror since I have such an complete fan girl obsession with Tim Curry but Repo! is a close second.
Favorite villain film- Silence Of The Lambs. If I was a sociopathic killer, I would be Dr. Lecter. The film is amazing, the story is fantastic, Anthony Hopkins was brilliant, and its a film that you can watch over and over yet never get tired of.Dai Green Bleeding Beauty of the Months Sept 2009

Dai Green Bleeding Beauty of the Months Sept 2009

Favorite Recent film- Martyrs, hands down. This film is a breath of originality in the thick smog of remakes that has been choking horror films of late and was so masterful that I have known grown, hardcore, male horror fans that say it shook and disturbed them for the thought of the idea and the perfection of the film alone.
Favorite Horror comedy- Shaun Of The Dead! I can recite the film by heart!
Favorite short- (No kissing up here) I have three that I can't decide between. Confession (Reyna Young) for its look into what possibly goes through a predator's mind as he chooses, stalks, the kills his victims.
Cottonmouth (Christopher Garetano) is an adaptation of Steve Bissetts original comic book story of four ghosts who exact revenge on the head of a tampon company for refusing to admit his product killed them.
The Wigly (Victor Bonacore) is a horror themed music short that is so much fun and gets your toes tapping.
Other favorites, to name a small very few:
Teeth, Last House On The Left, Exorcist, I Spit On Your Grave, Saw, Nightmare On Elm Street, Horror Business, Borderland, Night Of The Living Losers, Dreams In A Witch House, Good Sisters, IT, Strangeland, and Mirror Mirror.
This is a really long answer I know. Hahaha, Trust me, I am nowhere close to finished but will stop for time sake.

4. What would you like to play in a horror film? The Victim, the naked chick, or  the killer? and why?

I make a good psycho! Ha!
Seriously, I'm not a victim by any means by choice so regressing to that for a film would not fit my personality at all.
The naked chick part wouldn't be good as no one should have to see me naked. HAHA
I like the psycho parts since I can take all of my aggression and be as evil as I want to be...yet return back to normal when the director yells cut. Plus, people think I'm scary anyway so that would be the best fit! Although I do have to say, I would LOVE to play the female lead in a film like I Spit On Your Grave. Just because its important that women can go past the victim role in a film to exact their revenge. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!

Dai Green Bleeding Beauty of the Months Sept 2009

Dai Green Bleeding Beauty of the Months Sept 2009 5. What's coming up for you that you would like everyone to know about?

Well I have quite a few projects on the horizon! I will be working with HG Lewis and Keith Stoddard in their film Blood De Madam which I am SO excited about.
You can catch me in Reyna's Welcome To My Darkside documentary (which you a definitely need to check out!!).
You can hear me live on our podcasts every Sunday and Monday night and listen to past shows at (check site for listings and times).
And I have a lot of projects coming up that are really exciting and kick ass so make sure to keep an eye out on our site for more details!
6. Thank you so much for your time Dai, are there any last words?

Thank you SO much for having me and to everyone reading this, SUPPORT INDIE HORROR, FREE THE WEST MEMPHIS THREE, and be yourself no matter what the price or opinions of others. The only ones who will tell you that you can't do something are those who have failed themselves.
And be sure to look me up on Facebook to join our fun discussions about the genre, you never know, you may just end up on our site!
Dai Green Bleeding Beauty of the Months Sept 2009
Dai Green September 2010

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