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Bleading Beauty of Nov 09 Nikki K Homicide
Bleeding Beauty of the month is dedicated to the Women In Horror! Each Month a new Woman will be selected to show off her sexiness, power, talent and HORROR!
Tell us a little about yourself Nikki?

Hi Reyna!! I'm so excited to be picked as your November girl! Let's see a little about my crazy self. First of all I'm an actress/director/producer/writer/entrepreneur!! I'm often all business and it certainly finds me in sticky situations, but mostly because people around me often are unable to separate business minded behavior and ego. I like to work hard, but I am conscious of reality and value... so much so I've turned down roles to ensure the producer finds a talent worthy of the film budget in question. It's not always a question of talent in the film game, I just think a smart director should play his/her cards right (dependent on the budget of course) and attach a name guaranteed to return the cash!! I personally don't want to be responsible for someones losses.... of course the same applies when I cast my own projects, and it has cost me acquaintances... but, business is business.
Tell me a little about triwar pictures?

Triwar?! Well that is my baby, an entity recognized by both my state and federal government as a legal addition to the world of media production... what does that mean? Well, shit all. At the moment I have the most expensive 14 letters I'll every own, but given a year? I smell a change. Until then?!! TRIWAR is a hella bit of fun filled with prospects on all levels of film and television production!! Currently I we are completing a short and a high profile commercial, and in pre-pro for four features and a shorts collection. We take each step one day at a time and learn so much along the way!! The infrastructure has changed, re-tooled, and re-established but at this point I've finally collected a team of eager professional intelligent media superstars that have actually been were I wish to be and know the right path to get there... where I am at now? Is where I'm meant to be... no more novice slackers or dead weight. =D
Nikki Homicide
Nikki Homicide What's one thing you haven't done yet that you would like too in the industry?

Work with James Wan, on any level. And score my break out role... but who wouldn't want that?!!
What are you working on next?

Let's see, I have two features on the slate that TRIWAR is producing... A television show in Africa, three more short films for our shorts collection, Funland in Michigan, Whitey in San Francisco, a television series in New Mexico, Zen: Hunter in Texas (still seeking funding!! Come help!!), Longwood in New Hampshire... all for 2010 and 2010 isn't even over!! Not to mention "Shy" should be premiering soon in Lake City, MN and I'm still working on the action film Opposite Blood...
Nikki Homicide
Nikki Homicide

What are your websites?

Any last words?

I just want to thank you Reyna for all the hard work you do in promoting Horror, you are one of the sweetest people I've had the pleasure of meeting in the industry and I hope you never change. XOXOXOXO Baby.

Nikki K Homicide November 09
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