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Bleeding Beauty of the month is dedicated to the Women In Horror! Each Month a new Woman will be selected to show off her sexiness, power, talent and HORROR!

Alexia Anastasio

1. Why do you love filmmaking?

I love having fun. Film making is one of the ways which I can combine my
many interests into a whole basket of fun. Working with my friends, walking
around in the snow with tap shoes and a knife in my hand. Who wouldn't have
fun doing that. That is exactly what I want my everyday to be like.
Something different, a new adventure, a challenge that I have to tackle each

2. Who inspires you to do what you do?

Everyday life inspires me. I draw from my experiences, this could be fear,
hope or even anxiety. That is why I love Cindy Sherman and what she does in
her photography and her film "Office Killer" which stars Molly Ringwald and
Carol Kane. You can see how much fun she has in her work it just screams it.

Alexia Anastasio

Alexia Anastasio

3. What have you been up to lately?

Lately, I have been directing a documentary on Oscar-nominated animator,
Bill Plympton. Stalking him, I mean, following him to conventions, his home
town and film festivals interviewing everyone including Moby, Weird Al, Ed
Begley Jr, Keith Carradine, film critics, film programmers, friends and
family. His work includes lots of sex, violence and nudity but it also makes
you think. It has been an interesting journey.

4. Which part would you love to play in a horror flick? The killer, victim,

I would like to play the victim who turns into the killer. I don't like
seeing the women character playing the damsel in distress all the time. I
love seeing them win out in the end.
Like in "Scream" and "Hostel 2."

Alexia Anastasio

Alexia Anastasio

5. What is it about horror that intrigues you?

When I was little I used to have night tears and basically it was a
nightmare but with feelings. This was all induced by my imagination of
course. My fears and anxiety being manifested into hyperventilation attacks
and all sorts of prickly or soft or rough feelings all over my body. This
would scare the hell out of me. It always sparked because of something I was
afraid of and my imagination took it to an extreme.

Horror intrigues me because it makes you think and feel and let your
imagination do the rest. That is why I particularly like psychological
horror like "The Orphanage" where you don't know if it is in the mother's
head or there really are ghosts playing this game with her.

6. Where can we find out more about you?

You can find out more about me by subscribing to my,
following me on,
become a fan on facebook and sign up for my email list where you get a chance to win things each month at

Alexia Anastasio

7. Any last words?

Remember to have fun and save time for you. I recently learned transcendental meditation and am loving it. I find that I am no longer a chicken with my head cut off but the head with the chicken cut off.

  Alexia Anastasio
Bleeding Beautiy March 2010

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