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Last Doorway Productions Bleeding Beauty July 2010 Debbie Rochon

Bleeding Beauty of the month is dedicated to the Women In Horror! Each Month a new Woman will be selected to show off her sexiness, power, talent and HORROR!

Bleeding Beauty July 2010 Debbie Rochon

1. What is about horror that excites you?

A) The extreme circumstances your character finds herself in. The challenge of making it real. The non-conformity of the indie film biz! Self expression. Love of horror movies in general.

2. Is horror something you fell into or went for?

A) Both! I have always loved horror movies starting with the Hammer films that played on TV at midnight when I was a kid. Once I started getting roles in horror movies I lost interest in most other genres. I felt like I had found my cinematic happiness. That along with cult comedies which I also dearly love.

Bleeding Beauty July 2010 Debbie Rochon

Bleeding Beauty July 2010 Debbie Rochon

3. What is the one thing you haven't done in horror yet that you would love to do?

A) Play a mad scientist. Make a 10 million dollar horror film that kicks ass and has a great payday to boot. I have worked for decades in the trenches and would def enjoy a level of comfort that being a struggling artist my whole life hasn't afforded me yet. Work with more visionary directors and writers. Co-write and co-direct a nice budgeted horror film.

4. What have you been working on lately?

A) My book, my column in Fangoria magazine - and dozens of films. Trying very hard to birth some really great new flicks coming out. I have been very lucky to have some real gems hit this year. I loved COLOUR FROM THE DARK, THE GOOD SISTERS and HANGER to name a couple. I am very excited about SLIME CITY MASSACRE, WALKING DISTANCE, WON TON BABY!, VOODOO COWBOYS, SICK BOY, TENNESSEE GHOSTS and a few others that are still in post. Lotsa really great stuff happening now I couldn't be more satisfied.

Bleeding Beauty July 2010 Debbie Rochon

Bleeding Beauty July 2010 Debbie Rochon

5. Do you feel more females are coming up in the industry or have they always been around?

A) YES! And it's a wonderful thing. At least with the cool ones and the ones who have their eye on the real prize which is not a narcissistic fame but those who are really deeply interested in the craft of horror film making! I am very excited about the influx of great female talent!

6. How do you feel about the term Scream Queen do you feel it's lost it's meaning?

A) It has, but who cares? I never called myself one but people have called me one my whole career. I think the general public likes labels and this is just another one. I can't say that it ever had high esteem or quality attached to the handle. Writers used to label certain horror/exploitation actresses by that term, now actresses try to get work by claiming to be one. I don't fault anyone though, it's tough to get a head so whatever you can do then feel free. I just think the real actresses should aim higher that calling themselves something that is very limiting.

Bleeding Beauty July 2010 Debbie Rochon

7. Websites we can find you at to learn more on what you are doing?

A) Always or on any of the social networking sites!


  Debbie Rochon
Bleeding Beautiy July 2010

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