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Bleeding Beauty of the month is dedicated to the Women In Horror! Each Month a new Woman will be selected to show off her sexiness, power, talent and HORROR!

Amy Williamson What have you been up to lately?
Lately? Oh, just taking over the world... Pinky: Gee, Brain, what do you want to do tonight? Brain: The same thing we do every night, Pinky - try to take over the world! Narf! Seriously I've been dabbling in a little bit of everything, per usual. Most of the new stuff I'm working on is in Pre-Production so I don't want to blow the lid on those projects just yet. However, I continue to work on The League of Extraordinary Paranormal Women, Parawomen Scream Radio and my paranormal group Haunted Hillsdale. Speaking of Haunted Hillsdale, I'm currently working on updating our equipment (I've got my eyes set on an Ovilus and Ghost Box). I am plugging along on my horror/thriller clown script. Yeah I said it, it's a clown script! I want to write a horror script about clowns that isn't silly. That is my goal and so shall it be done! I promise this script will be as much of a mind trip as it is a bloody gore fest. I want people to leave the movie and have dreams about my movie and have it creep into the deep recesses of their mind. That's how I know a movie has gotten to me, I dream about it and think about it at inopportune and/or inappropriate moments.
Parawomen Scream Radio is going to be bigger and better in 2010, with amazing guests in the horror and paranormal genres. We also plan on taking the show on the road and broadcasting live from various film festivals and paranormal conferences. We have 3 conferences/festivals we are in negotiations with so far, only one is confirmed as of the time I am writing this, "The Second Annual Canadian/American Paranormal Conference" to be held in Sarnia Canada! OH, and I've been asked to be a top guest speaker for a new reality television show "Psychic Justice" when the tour visits Michigan. Psychic Medium Robbie Thomas will be traveling the country solving cold case files (along with law enforcement and or the families) in front of a LIVE audience. Each location will have a special top guest speaker and I'm it for Michigan baby! In 2010 Beverly Van Pelt (the Gothic Gourmet) and myself (Love and Horror Amy Williamson) formed a new production, 'G'night Gnome Productions'. In 2010 we will be working on producing various Television shows, Movies and Radio shows. I will of course continue to audition for all horror, sci-fi, paranormal movies and/or television shows that strike my fancy. And I'll never rest because there is no rest for the wicked... Right?

Amy Williamson

Amy Williamson Describe yourself in three sentences?
Oh I suck at that. OOp that's one sentence. Opp, that's three sentences, guess I'm done. What is it about horror that intrigues you? Horror allows me to venture into a world that is scary, yet safe. How can scary be safe? Well, when I watch horror I can allow the adrenaline rush take over and scare me to death, but when it gets overly intense, I can remove myself from the situation and say "it's only a movie". Viola, scary yet safe! When I am acting in a horror movie or writing horror, I am able to let out all my repressed anger, demented thoughts and crazy energy. Because lets face it, we all think things that if other people knew what we were REALLY thinking, will it might scare and shock them. This way I can let out these emotions in a safe and controlled vehicle. I'm safe crazy btw, it's what I tell everyone;)
Tell us a little bit about your paranormal side? My paranormal side walks hand in hand with my horror side. I sort of blended the two together at an early age. I'm often asked what drew me into the paranormal arena and this is my standard answer: I surmise that there are two types of people in the paranormal, the first is the one that has had a life shattering event that was paranormal in nature, the second is the person that for some inexplicable reason seems to eat, sleep, and breathe paranormal activities. I considers myself to be the latter of the two! I remember reading ghost stories at night and crawling into bed with my mother because I was afraid of the “bump” in the night. When my mother questioned me as to why I scared myself so, I would say I didn’t know. But I knew I would never stop reading and investigating the paranormal. I've ran a paranormal group (Haunted Hillsdale) for 5 years. And one day I truly hope to have my own Paranormal Television show!

Amy Williamson

Amy Williamson What websites can we go to to check out more on you?

Any last words?
Beelzebub... But you must never speak that word aloud. Oh and thank you Reyna/Last Doorway Productions for this honor! My heart seriously skipped a beat when I read your email telling me I had been chosen January's Bleeding Beauty. You've really opened up a can of worms for this Scorpio girl's ego. I may just make everyone call me Ms. January from here on out!! Love and Horror Amy

Amy Williamson

Amy Williamson
Bleeding Beautiy January 2010

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