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Bleeding Beauty of the month is dedicated to the Women In Horror! Each Month a new Woman will be selected to show off her sexiness, power, talent and HORROR!

1. Describe yourself in five sentences?

I’m a jack-of-all-trades, a producer, actress, animation professional, technical geek, artist, consultant, non-nude alternative model, writer and soon to be director.  I started my career in the entertainment industry over 14years ago at a computer graphics company and have since worked at several production and post production companies in the Los Angeles area. I enjoy life, I like to wear wife beaters, eating, watching movies, dancing, walking around Hollywood, meeting new people, taking pictures of wacky people, and writing about life. I'm told my ass is smart, I’m crazy, silly, sarcastic and artistic but can be serious and straight to the point when needed. I’m also dyslexic, an insomniac, have anxiety disorder and attention deficit disorder. 

Mo Whelan
Mo Whelan

2. What is about horror that makes you want more?

I like to push boundaries and be controversial.  I like others that do too.  Horror can push the boundaries of people’s imagination and thoughts of life.  It makes people think, scares them, causes precaution, and tests what one can visually handle.  Those who create it express what they believe a situation will entail.  I think horror tests ones soul, mind, personal beliefs and strength. Some may take a horror film personally therefore causing controversy.  It’s fascinating that one person may believe an art form is a wonderful bloody, torture horror film and another believes a horror film is an attack on humanity.  I find the opposing sides intriguing.  I personally love being frightened by a film and grossed out by bloody torture.  It just excites me…

3. What are some of your non horror hobbies?

I’m also a tech geek.  So, I like to attend geek events, like Siggraph, NAB, E3, Game Developers Conference, the Digital Media of Los Angeles user group meetings, Tubefilter meetings, and any other techy geek events that might cross my path.  My current passion has been writing about my life experiences. I like to draw people, and paint random concepts.  I also like to cook, bake and drink Merlot. I‘m a bit of a gym rat and like hiking.  I love to dance and go out often with my girls to party with the Hollywood night life. I also like to look through peoples windows, when it’s late at night and people leave their lights on.

Mo Whelan
Mo Whelan

4. What have you been working on lately?

Currently, my main gig is acquiring animated film content for Animation World Network Television - I’ve been writing more for Girls and Corpses magazine.  I’ve been pitching friends’ projects to investors. I’m writing a few scripts about film concepts that have popped in my head.  An investor wants to check out one of my scripts called The Artist.  In the next couple of months, I plan on directing and producing a short film I wrote called The Suburban Count.  I will also be producing and staring in Probell Films next film Lost Canyon Road. I’m just hustling on a daily bases.

5. When did you get into modeling?

I had my first photo shoot at the age of 19 with a fashion photographer.  I lost interest in modeling about a year later because I was too busy working and attending college. I later was discovered at a Hollywood night club by an agent when I was 24.  I stuck with the agency for about two years before I lost interest again.  I really just wanted to focus on my career in the entertainment industry and at the time I was the Discreet Training Center Manager at DH Institute of Media Arts (DHIMA). So, I didn’t have the time to even bother with auditions and such.  I didn’t start modeling again until I was in my late 20’s.  I was a runway model for Folter clothing at a tattoo expo.  There I meet photographer Rick Garcia and started working with him.  Since then I’ve worked with a few clothing lines and many diverse Los Angeles photographers including Ricky Jr., Arishaun Studios, Jimmy McGrath, Edwin Gomes, Saynt Mykl, Minky Blinky, VonJake-O Foto, Mark Berry, Kiguelman Photography, Kitty Gallanis, and Rebecca A. Battle.

Mo Whelan

Mo Whelan

6. What is your favorite horror film?

My favorite horror film is Hellraiser.  I like the twisted story, art design and the way Clive Barker executed the torture scenes. I love puzzles and always wanted to play with the Hellraiser puzzle box.  It looked like such great fun.  The film was also a slightly romantic, bloody film which caused my forever loving crush on Pinhead.

7. What are some of your websites where your fans can learn more about you?

Fans can stalk me and find more about my life and crazy thoughts on my blog at
view a few more details about my work history on my Linked In page at
and may view some of my modeling pictures on my Model Mayhem page at 
Mo Whelan
Mo Whelan

8. Any last words?

Thank you Reyna for choosing me to be the ‘Bleeding Beauty’ for the month of February.  It was a surprise and it’s an honor to be chosen.  You are a rockin horror chick! Thank you readers for reading. R.I.P.

Mo Whelan
Bleeding Beautiy February 2010

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