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Bleeding Beauty of the month is dedicated to the Women In Horror! Each Month a new Woman will be selected to show off her sexiness, power, talent and HORROR!

Chainsaw Sally 1. What have you been up to lately? 
Most recently, we (meaning Forbidden Pictures) have been running our most recent production: "The Chainsaw Sally Show" at  It's a kind of slasher/sitcom thing - 11 20-minute long episodes that follow the exploits of Sally, her brother Ruby, Sally's new library assistant - goth-girl Poe, and victims.  Lots and lots of victims.  It got such great attention that we've actually decided to let the season run a second time - so those who missed the first time around can catch up.  AND of course, the entirety of The Chainsaw Sally Show, Season 1 is now availabe on dvd - in high def, uncut, w/ extras.  Next, we're gearing up to film a 1-hour Chainsaw Sally Show Groundhog Day Special.  That will be coming out around.. you guessed it... Groundhog Day Feb 2nd 2010.  Which, consequently, is also the release date of our supernatural/psychological thriller, The Good Sisters! (stars Debbie Rochon and myself).
2. What's your favorite type of way to kill someone?
Hard to pick a favorite.... the chainsaw is always thrilling. I love the sound - so loud it actually shakes my bones, and the smell- mmmm 2-cycle! But I also love anything really creative. Being a big Looney Tunes fan, I really enjoy a good needlessly complicated contraption to kill someone. Actually in the Sally Show, there's a cheerleader who gets to help test one of those out.... I also enjoy anything that lets me get in close and down and dirty w/ the victim - a baseball bat is just fantastic.

Chainsaw Sally

Chainsaw Sally 3. Tell us a little bit about Chainsaw sally?
She's very protective of her brother Ruby and of their secret home. That is her central motivation. She and Ruby like to dress up and act out scenes from their favorite horror movies. She generally kills people that she feels the world would be better off without. It's not exactly senseless, even if her reactions to seemingly minor annoyances are a bit... extreme. She's a librarian in her normal, face-the-public life, because she adores reading and has actually read every single book in the Porterville Library.
4. Have you ever directed a film, or will you in the future?
I have not. Primarily because I enjoy acting alot and haven't had the urge to direct. There is a project that JimmyO (writer of Chainsaw Sally, Good Sisters, etc) is thinking of doing in the far future that I am interested in attempting to co-direct, only because I was very inspired by the concept - it's a new take on a haunted house film.

Chainsaw Sally

5. What intrigues you about a chainsaw?
haha - see above - the sound, the smell. And it sure is fun to swing it around and feel it < biting into .... stuff.
6. What are the websites where we can check out more about you??

Love and splatter,

Chainsaw Sally
Bleeding Beautiy December 2010

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